Friday, December 11, 2020


Christmas Letter 2020

Christmas Greetings, Friends,

To call this year a difficult one would be not only an understatement but certainly pointing out the obvious as well. There's not a lot of events to relate under the heading of “things I did this year”. What did transpire was a streak of productivity that is nothing short of remarkable – and I'm the first to recognize that I dare not take total credit for it. As I'm fond of saying regarding this outpouring – the Spirit has been busy. Since April 1st, as of December 9th, I've written, and posted on Facebook, 44 brand new songs. It is without a doubt the most prolific streak I've ever had. It also has been a saving grace for me. Being able to write songs as a response to the current craziness of the world has made a huge difference in how I've survived. As a result of my songwriting I've been able to maintain some sense of purpose, to view my songs as my way of trying to add something positive to the mix. And in some cases, maybe even minister to people through them. In addition, it's been a bonus, having an immediate audience for them which has fed the desire to write more and so the writing has fed the posting and the posting has fed the writing, etc.

I thought I'd share a piece this year that I posted as a recitation on Facebook a few weeks ago. It is my way of sharing a longing to see the best of the season taking center stage, as opposed to the chaos and darkness that is trying to usurp all the goodness of what Christmas represents.

Speaking of such, I actually had a kind of “aha” moment the other night when I was out with some friends – quite a rarity these days – at a pizza place. While I was waiting for them show up the piped in music played the Andy Williams hit, “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. In a knee jerk sort of fashion my thoughts went to thinking “what joke” that is this year. Then … I stopped and reconsidered my reaction. True, this Christmas doesn't feel that wonderful but the season itself still is. All that's good about Christmas is still just as good even if it's kind of buried this year. A baby's birth, a birth that changed the world is still worth celebrating, isn't it? I would say yes it is.

So in the spirit of all that, here is this year's contribution.

If I Could be Santa Claus

If I could be Santa Claus

Now I don't mean dress up like Him

Put on the suit, the beard, the cap

And just pretend to be

No I mean if I could somehow

Bridge the make believe gap

Between dreams and reality

Not question how such things can happen

Just simply let myself get caught up

In a world where

I could live the fantasy

If I could be

Santa Claus

I know toys can't always

Fix a broken heart

But it's a start

And I promise you

I would do my very best

To do my part

So every single child

Who had a Christmas wish

Who, believing filled out

Their very own Christmas list

Would discover beneath their tree

A present straight from me

No one would be forgotten

No one would be forsaken

Come Christmas morn

As the new day dawned

Every hopeful child would awaken

To know that I'd been there

That Santa loved them

Santa cared

No tears but only smiles

For every child

In this troubled world

Plenty to eat on Christmas day

For every boy and every girl

There would be so much joy and laughter

The angels would be singing

Harking all their heralds

'Till the Heavens would be ringing

And of course, I'd pay attention

I wouldn't dare forget

I'd be quick to mention

Whose birthday it really is

Not my holiday, but His

If I could be Santa Claus

I promise you this

As I delivered every present

I'd remember the greatest gift

Came from up above

A tiny baby in a manger

Wrapped up

Like a Christmas surprise

Because of Our Father's boundless love

If I could be Santa Claus

Though I am just a man

I'd try and understand

What it means to give of yourself

So that each and every little one

Would know they are loved

And I'd smile as watched

Their hearts filling up

For on this day

Christmas day

Every child would

Have more than enough

What a miraculous blessing

That would be for me

If I really and truly

Could be

Santa Claus

George Gagliardi, December, 2020

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