Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Untitled .. For Now

I'm not an “ism”, or an “ist” or an “ite”
Sometimes I might be in the middle
On the left or on the right
Some may on occasion extol me
Others try to pigeon-hole me
And tell me that “the Bible
Told me so”
They've figured out
What I'm about
What they don't know
They assume somehow
Well, I'm not a category or cause
Or a commodity
I'm a man
As simple and as confounding as any other
If you must insist on labels
Put 'em on cans
Don't put 'em on me
Don't put 'em on people
For when you do
Before too long you'll discover
You took the easy way out
Not takin' time to listen or pay attention
Or understand or go walkin' in their shoes
Let me ask you, friend ...
Have you been where I have been?
Seen what I have seen?
Learned what I have learned
Spent the time I spent
Playin' pick and choose
By findin' what to keep
And what to lose?
No, you haven't but neither have I
Been there to wipe away the tears that you cry
When you sat there lonely
When you had to say good-bye
Or been there to answer you
When you wondered how long or why
Nobody that walks this earth is either a this or a that
Just a Republican, Just a Democrat
The sooner we all get a hold of
And learn to respect
Thatwe're all walking contradictions
Much more than charts and diagrams
No indeed, we're much more complex
So let be me and I'll let you be you
Like Paul said, “Let It Be”
That's the least that we can do
Love your neighbor as themselves
Don't say they've got to be
Somebody else
Allow them to be
As free as you as wanna be
For Christ's sake
(And I mean it in the truest sense )
Then and only then
Can we begin to celebrate His love
For all humanity

George Gagliardi, July 2020

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