Monday, February 10, 2014

To the Gals in My Life – All of You, Young and the Young at Heart

  So think of this as my version of Julio and Willie’s song, “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before … sort of. Big difference, it’s not merely past tense but present as well. It’s meant to be a special Valentine tribute to “my ladies”  -- a way to say how much you’ve meant to my life, each in your own way – and still do.

You brought real beauty to my life, not the store bought variety
Or the kind you get from the gym
(Though of course some gals often spend
A lot of time thinking about their shape)
Me Too!
But I digress … as I’m known to do
For I must confess
If that was all you had going for you
I could say, “Hey, you look great” or another phrase that flatters
Leave it at that, as if that’s all that really matters
Of course if I did then I’d hardly be sending this e-mail
To someone who’s simply just another female
Nope, there’s a genuine, wonderful loveliness inside
That makes the outer beauty mean so much more
There’s all the laughter, the magic, the honesty
The kindness, compassion, sheer delight and almost
At times, childlike spirit of each of you,
Just being who you are
And that of course frees me up
To be the man I want to be
The insecure one, at times, who lives there inside of me
No need to pretend with you
I know I can depend on you
To love me anyway
Despite my flaws and “off-the-wall” style
You accept me and support me
Though you can’t tell it
(Since I’m not exactly the Cheshire cat
When it comes to expressions like that)
My heart is wearing a great big smile
Indeed, knowing you has made all the difference
Made this journey of mine so worthwhile
You are the fairer sex, so the cliché declares
Truly with you I’ve my fair share of moments
When you showed
(And not by words alone)
How much you cared
A gift like that, you can’t mass produce
You can’t demand, you can’t buy
Nor can you fully express your thanks
Though with this bit of verse
I’m giving it a “Gagliardi” try
I’m just your “not so average, slightly weird, prone to poetic
Inclined to speak his mind and gush a bit
Kind of guy”
Who prefers ten words when it comes to three
But you know well enough
How much I love words
Putting them here, putting them there
Making them fit in creatively
Yet to break this all down
It’s a simple thing
(And by the length of things
Probably overdue)
Time to pause and say on this Valentine’s Day
To each and every gal of mine

George Gagliardi, February, 2014