Friday, January 1, 2016

As Long as We’re Still Here

The Christmas season has come and gone
It’s time to sing a different song
A song I wrote, a song of hope
That I hope will bring a cup of cheer
For the coming year

Long as we’re still here
Why not live out our own dreams
Those lovely, fragile, precious things
We hold within our heart
As long as we’re still here
Why not take a leap of faith
For endless possibilities
That just might be the key
To making a brand new start
Sure I know sometimes
The past is like a shadow
An unwelcome guest
That’s hard for us to shake
Delighting in reminding us
How often we mess things up
And especially that big mistake
But the past is just that
And I say, if it’s a burden
Why carry it
Go ahead and bury it
And then move on
Long as we’re still here
Although I know it sounds cliché
Tomorrow’s still a brand new day
 Let this be a time of hope
We can live life like life really matters
As long as we’re willing to be free enough
To believe we can change through the power of love
Isn’t it worth a try this year
As long as we’re still here

George Gagliardi, December, 29, 2015